Gabby Nunez-Gaskins

University of Texas at San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas, Lodge No. 216
2017, 12-13 Girls; 2018, 12-13 Girls
7th place, 20/25; 2nd place, 22/25 and 5/5

When Gabby placed 7th at the 2017 National Finals, she didn’t let that get her down. She used the experience to motivate her to persevere, and it worked—she placed 2nd in 2018! Today, she applies that perseverance to her studies. Gabby is most excited to join the Backboard because she gets to be a role model for the Finalists and share a love for the game.

Advice for National Finalists: It’s okay to be nervous. Trust me, I was, too! You’ve made it this far, you already accomplished so much.

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