Madigan Moore

Augustana University
Alum; Rapid City, S.D. Lodge No. 1187
2006, 8-9 Girls
7th place, 20/25

Madigan might have traded the gym for the library and basketballs for books on her pursuit to doctorhood, but the Hoop Shoot still holds a dear place in her heart. It’s the reason she has the courage to fail and the discipline to focus and put in long hours at medical school. Madigan is excited to pass the gift of the Hoop Shoot forward by serving as a role model to this year’s Finalists. She’s ready to share her words of wisdom, and we’re sure the Finalists will be all ears.

Advice for 2022 National Finalists: “Be courageous! It takes courage to try and to succeed!”

You can meet Madigan on the series premiere of Hoop Shooting the Breeze.

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