Elise Besonen

University of Wisconsin-Superior
Copper Country, Mich., Lodge No. 404
2015, 10-11 Girls; 2016, 12-13 Girls; 2017, 12-13 Girls
2nd place, 23/25; 3rd place, 21/25, 13/25; 7th place, 21/25

Elise Besonen knows the Hoop Shoot like the back of her hand. A three-time National Finalist, Elise returned year after year as a competitor, and later, to (silently) cheer on her younger sisters. The repetitive dribbling of a ball is like the ticking of a clock—time management is just one skill Elise took from the Hoop Shoot, and she attributes it to her success in school and athletics. Another is a commitment to the grind: Elise knows practice makes perfect, and the grind leads to grit.

Advice for the 2022 National Finalists: You’ve put in so much work to get to this point, so just enjoy the experience and have faith in your practice. It may seem like a cliché thing to say, but have fun! Moments like these don’t happen every day, so live it to the fullest.

Meet Elise and her younger sisters in the Griteo: Family Ties.

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